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5 tenets of successful branding for professional service firms

A brand is a complex and multifaceted thing, comprised of a business' reputation, positioning, strengths, weaknesses, visual identity, as well as actual products or services. For professional services, your brand is arguably your most important...

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Why your professional service brand's visual identity matters more than you think

One of the best ways to ensure that your professional service brand stands out against the competition is to give it a distinctive, singular design style. In this post, when we talk about design, we are talking about the “visual language”...
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8 brands we fell in love with in 2016

It's a fact of life: we all interact with dozens of brands a day. From the brands of toothpaste or coffee we choose to the clothes we choose to wear to work, we're swimming in brand choices and developing brand loyalty without even realizing it....

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13 Dec '2016

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The Tenth Crow Creative Graphic Designer Gift Guide

Graphic designers are special people (believe us... we have an office full of 'em) and it can be hard to know how to go about finding a holiday gift that is perfect for their creative, colorful spirits. We thought it would be helpful to put...

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How design communicates trust, safety and health in healthcare

In today's competitive healthcare market, the importance of having a brand that communicates trust, safety and health is paramount. All three are essential - yet nonphysical - aspects of your healthcare brand's equity, and all three can be...

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